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Complete online banking and embedded payment technology

Next generation financial platform with the latest technology for all
online account, payment services, blockchain solutions and embedded financial technology. 


Our technology

The AdCoTech digital platform is a cloud based on API servers which handle traffic from the web application, external web applications, external systems and payment solutions. The system also communicates with external systems as Payment Service Providers, card programs etc.

Our system is fully adapted and ready to completely integrate with any Open Banking peer.
it can be used as freestanding complete online banking system or embedded to support any financial transaction.

The platform supports blockchain solutions, ICO and can furthermore be used as payment platform and marketplace for NFT (Non Fungible Token) transactions and minting.

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Next generation bank platform


Who we are

AdCoTech is a technology developer for the financial industry. 
AdCoTech has over 15 years developed technical solutions for all types of online banking, digital clearing and electronic bank operations.

Clients are everything from electronic money institutions (EMI), payment institutions (PI, API), neobanks, challanger-banks, digital banks, financial institutions and smaller banks, but also many FinTech companies and regular technology developers with or without licenses.

15 years of constantly upgrading and further-developing the platform, has lead to a product that is one of the most complex digital bank platform-hubs in the financial technology market: The AdCoTech digital, complete online banking and payment platform!

Being completely modular, this platform makes it the possibility to integrate with anyone. which enables tailormade integrations upon the client's detailed and specific needs, including Non Fungible Token transactions.

Our product and services

Providers of next generation financial platformtailormade for FinTech 2.0

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Bank-in-a- box complete 
Online Banking system

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The AdCoTech' ready-to-use system is a robust, tested, scalable, and most flexible Online Banking Platform in the market.

With its vast diversity of modules to serve any financial institutions, it can be built to accommodate all and any need in the FinTech world.

The system can be used in many ways, e.g.: as a complete banking solution, a payment platform, crypto , NFT and account platform for your business, and can be set up in just a few days as a white label.

Tailor-made technical integration
to any solution

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We can tailor-make a system to your needs.
We can connect and adapt to any other financial system, creating an unique application just the way you need it.

Thanks to the unique modular system, the online banking platforms combinations are many and there is nothing in the financial market that we do not have or can adapt to.

The system is fully ready to be integrate with any Open Banking functionality to enable exchange of data between a financial institution and a third-party provider (TPP) in order to deliver enhanced capabilities and experiences to the market

Account, blockchain
and token services

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  • Aggregated accounts with major banks

  • Transaction accounts

  • Settlement accounts

  • IBAN accounts for individual clients

  • Virtual/digital accounts

  • E-money accounts

  • Paygate agreements for card processing

  • Prepaid card programs

  • POS terminals

  • Blockchain transactions

  • ICO

  • NFT

©2021  AdCoTech Ltd

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