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The Services – listed here below - can be utilized directly by a private individual, a corporation or to be issued as a white label – where the white label is the technical product and the Services listed above produced by AdCoTech where other companies (the marketers) can chose to rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it (the “White Label”).

Bank-in-a-box, ready to use, complete online banking and payment system

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Our advanced  FinTech payment platform is cloud based on API servers which handle traffic from our web application, external web applications, external systems and payment solutions. We also communicate with external systems as Payment Service Providers, card programs etc. The platform is a hub for all these services and is therefore unique in its way it is completely modularly set up, and where all leading technical and financial services in the market today, are fully integrated in one.

Tailormade online banking and financial systems

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We can tailor-make a system to your needs.
We can connect and adapt to any other financial system, creating an unique application just the way you need it.

Thanks to the unique modular system, the AdCoTech platform the combinations are many and there is nothing in the financial or blockchain market that we do not have or can adapt to, including ICO, tokens and NFTs

Personal account and IBAN numbers

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  • IBAN accounts for individual clients

  • Aggregated accounts with major banks

  • Transaction accounts

  • Settlement accounts

  • Virtual/digital accounts

  • E-money accounts

Mobile software solutions

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Mobile software is one of the cornerstones of any modern financial technology business. We have extensive experience creating innovative mobile apps using a variety different technologies. We develop tailor-made mobile apps for our customers  and our solutions are robust and reliable, and we always use the most up-to-date and efficient UI/UX.

Trading platform software

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We offer a portfolio of diversified solutions for modern clients in need of a trading platform or a market place where their products can be offered and exposed. We can integrate this platform with accounts and payment solutions, creating a live environment for stock-market like functionality. 

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PrePaid Card programs

AdCoTech will work with you to set up your card programme in an effective, efficient and compliant way.
With the diverse range of banking and payment solutions, your own branded prepaid card programme can help your business drive sales, loyalty and brand awareness as well as streamlining internal processes.



Blockchain solutions

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Find the complete custom blockchain solution for your business with a customized payment processor. We develop multiple payment options modules and build software to accept payments on any device from anywhere in the world.
Our engineers develop crypto payment gateway integrations with seamless third-party integrations with popular e-commerce payment gateways and online shopping carts

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